Furrytail Michu Natural Clumping Tofu Cat Litter 2.5kg/6L

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  • 100% Healthy & Natural
  • Cluster in 3 Sec
  • No dust
  • Odour Control
  • Easy to clean
  • Flush to toliet
  • Natural Scents
Brand: Furrytail
Ingredients:100% Canadian Natural Snow Pea (human grade), natural plant fibre, natural binding agents (NO clay or bentonite)

Product Size: 43 x 28 x 7 cm



Lightweight Absorbent Formula
A little bit of Michu goes a long way – it will absorb up to four times its dry weight in fluid – so it will keep absorbing for longer than other litter varieties

Furrytail Michu Tofu Cat Litter Is Formulated Using Premium Ingredients And Advanced Technology

  • 2 Packs of 2.5kg tofu cat litter, added to a litter tray for one cat, will provide continuous waste absorption for an entire month – this means no more twice weekly litter tray make overs!
  • For the sophisticated feline, Michu Litter puts a touch of luxe back in the litter box
  • Formulated from premium ingredients and using advanced technology, Michu will deliver a litterbox experience fit for a King… or Queen
  • With quick and easy daily removal of solid waste and clumped deposits, your cat’s litter needs are taken care of for the month

Fast Clumping and Easily Scoop-able

  • Michu instantly traps liquid on contact with the litter pellets, forming discreet clumps that do not break apart, even during removal from the tray with a litter sieve or scoop
  • This superior clumping action means the soiled litter can be easily removed without wasting any of the remaining fresh, dry litter – leaving the tray always ready for your cat to use

Unscented and Odour Neutralising

  • Superior and instant absorption action allows Michu to eliminate odour from the litter tray quickly, and the unscented formula will not overpower your felines delicate sense of smell

Low Tracking Means Low Mess

  • Say goodbye to crumbling and dusty litter!
  • Each individual Michu pellet is durable and tightly compacted to prevent break down of the litter, and production of dust, while it is in use in the tray
  • Michu packaging has been specifically designed to protect the individual litter pellets until the pack is opened and the litter is added to the tray
  • The litter is tightly shrink wrapped and placed inside a durable box, this process prevents cracking and erosion of the pellets – the leading causes of crumbling and dusty litter
  • With Michu in the tray, your cat will not be gathering dust and litter particles, in their paws or fur, to track across your floors!

Petite Paw – Friendly Pellets

  • Michu is kind on paws but tough on waste – the smooth texture and small size of the pellets feels inviting and comfortable under cat’s paws when they dig and walk in the litter tray

Easy Use and Tidy Storage

  • Storing open bags of litter in the home can be inconvenient and messy – they get in the way and there are litter spills every time the tray is cleaned and filled
  • With Michu, you simply open a 2.5kg box, empty the entire pack of litter straight into the tray, then place the empty bag straight into the recycling bin – there are no messy packs of litter left open anywhere in your home
  • The tidy, compact and attractive design of the Michu packaging means your fresh litter can be easily and conveniently stored on a small shelf in any household cupboard or kitchen pantry

100% Natural & Biodegradable

  • Michu Tofu Litter is derived from natural pea making it a safer litter for your pets and family
  • Because it is biodegradable, it quickly breaks down after use and is friendly to the environment


*You may need to use more than one box of Michu per month if you have:

  • More than one cat
  • More than one litter tray in use
  • A larger size litter tray
  • A cat that toilets more frequently than other cats

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