Misspet® Ice Cream Box Type Cat Scratcher




  • Features: safe and environmentally friendly, no odor, recyclable, space saving, beautiful and durable, can protect your furniture and cat’s claws to a great extent, is the best choice for petsIt’s the cat’s nature to catch and scratch everywhere.
  • This product fully releases the cat’s nature, a variety of styles and designs, attracting cats’ fun, making it fun and very happy.
  • This is an ice cream box type cat scratch board, unique style, cat stand, cat column, hanging ball, multi-functional play, can catch and sleep, play, play.In terms of materials, high-quality corrugated paper conforms to the nature of cats being attracted by paper, stable and inherent, durable and easy to use.
  • The design is novel, the overall cutting is no splicing, the material density is doubled, and it has a sense of security. It is also warm, more beautiful, chic design, ventilation and ventilation, and a larger usable area.
  • Overall dimension of product:41.5 x41.5 x30.5 cm

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Strawberry, Vanilla


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