PIDAN Unscented Non-Toxic Pet Wet Wipes 80pcs


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Made without the use of fragrances or alcohol, these gentle pet wipes are designed to keep your pet clean anywhere, anytime. You can use these wet wipes to clean paws, fur, and more, and are great pet care essential when you’re outdoors. The anti-bacterial, cleansing and deodorising properties help keep your pet smelling and feeling fresh all day long.


  • Fragrant-free and alcohol-free pet wipes made with non-woven fabric and pure water
  • Doesn’t irritate your pet’s skin and can be used to clean fur, paws, and more
  • Contains anti-bacterial, deodorizing, and cleansing properties to freshen up your pet
  • Moisturises your pet’s skin and fur to keep them soft
  • Can be used on most pets – great to use when outdoors!


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